Feel confident in your financials

Never loose sleep, get stressed, or worry about if your finances are in order. Output accounting is a small team of rock star accountants who’s only passion is giving you back more time to focus on your business.

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The plug-and-play accounting team

Avoid chasing down multiple people to solve problems. Your dedicated CFO is backed by a team of CPA's and bookkeepers who cover every area of corporate finance. Everything in one place, no useless micro managing.

Save time

Stop chasing your bookkeeper to send stuff to the accountant, so a consultant can review. Get a finance team that save 100+ hrs.

Eliminate confusion

Make it easy on yourself to ask questions and get answers. Output takes the confusion out of your back office.

Save money

Bookkeepers, accountants, and consultants can cost $200K + and you still have to do work. Output does it all for 10x cheaper price.

Boost productivity

Produce the information you and your team need to level up your businesses. Access and share it when you need.
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Cashflow and Budget

Fast, accurate financial management

Know where you stand at all times and have confidence in the data. Output has expertise across all the areas of finance you'll need to succeed.


Bookkeeping. Ever transaction in your business organized.


Invoices, A/R, A/P. All your bills and collections taken care of.


Payroll. The most reliable way to ensure your people get paid.


Taxes. Never stress about the tax man again.

Super human organization and results

Your financial statements are the core of your business, your ability to access critical information determines your results. Ensure you're getting the best quality Outputs, with no mistakes.


Monthly Financial Statements. Accurate and on time every month.


Expenses Analysis. Never waste money again, we're always hunting for savings.


Weekly & Periodic reports. Cashflow, to burn rate, we'll keep you up-to-date.

how outputs deal room works.

Your greatest decision making asset

Stop bouncing around wondering what tools you need, what metrics you should be tracking, and how to understand them all. Output takes you from confused to focused.


Internal Controls. We'll build you the processes and systems needed to scale.


Dashboards. All your most important information, in one easy to access sport.


The financial tech stack. We'll optimize your business to use the best SaaS and services and find the best deals.

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