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Get more money, better terms, and a faster close. Sleep easy with no stress during the process. Know you are prepared for the deal of a lifetime.

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Fast, Powerful Deal Preperation

A decent business who's prepared will get a better deal than a great business who isn't. Output builds deal rooms that get you a better deal stress free.

Selling the traditional way

Unattractive listings, stale teasers, over complicated CIMs. Your deal is lost in the crowd.

Unorganized business. Dozens of manually generated files, folders, and emails. Impossible to keep track of.

Due diligence takes too long. Meeting and request overload. Buyers lose interest or find a better deal.

Price, terms, and conditions change. Negotiations are painful. Problem don't kill deals, surprises do.

Selling with Output


Stand out from the crowd, attract fast moving buyers. Marketing materials that close deals.


A prepared owner and organized business. One place to create, manage, and communicate.


Avoid delays, remove any buyer hesitation. All due diligence materials ready ahead of time.


Move the lawyers along. No painful negotiations or surprises.

Stand out, attract the right buyers.

Become more memorable in your buyers mind with Output. Create an amazing opportunity for buyers with sale materials that show an ROI for them.


Make it attractive. Target your buyers needs. Show them the value they are getting.


Personalized sale materials that have sold $100M + of businesses and raised $20M + in capital.


Set the right price. Compare your business with 100K's of sold private companies.

Our customers are from amazing organizations
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Output Product Templates

Go to market with outputs that work.

Don't waste time starting from scratch. Drive the value your business deserves by delivering what buyers understand. Guide buyers through your business not documents and spreadsheets.


Ready to go project plans, checklists, and task that get you ready in 4 weeks.


Dashboards, models, and templates designed to close buyers.


Services and software that work with all your businesses tools and needs.

Get the best deal, feel amazing.

Put your business into a single package in one location. Send relevant information faster to buyers so you can close quicker. Share teasers, videos, financials and legal documents and get over the finish line with a great deal.


Reach better buyers faster. Materials designed to be used across Brokers, Marketplaces, and Private channels.


Drive the deal and the terms forward with a frictionless deal room.


Reduce the number of meetings with pre-built FAQs, Videos, and more.

Cashflow and Budget
"Selling our agency changed our lives. We were able to close in 90 days and maximize our valuation because we were well prepared."
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Sold Demac Media

"I've learned the hard way through multiple capital raises that if you are not prepared, the process can suck the life out of your business. Output provides the tools and services all business should use if they are thinking of doing a big deal."
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Raised $10's M for Pela

"Having the right partner to sell your business - someone who helps set reasonable expectations, prepare your team, and guide you on what to expect - is priceless. Output is able to do this at a fraction of the cost."
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Sold Big Steel Box


Plans that fit your scale

Simple, transparent pricing. Money back guarantee.

Done for you

The minimum burden on your team.
Everything prepared with zero impact on your team.
Chief Deal Officer
Sales & Marketing Materials
Project Plan / Management
Financial Models
Weekly Updates
People (HR) Summary
3rd Party Deal Room
Operations Overview
Marketing Materials
Legal Preparation
Get started

Done with you

When the team is an essential part of the deal.
Everything in our done for you plus....
Staff Training
Labour Market Analysis
Weekly Team Meetings
Market Analysis
Advanced Deal Room Features
Integrated Financial Models
Competitive Analysis
Detailed Financial Analysis
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Starting at
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+ Monthly Retainer
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    Monthly Fee's + % of Transaction
  • X-Red
    12-18 week process
  • Checkmark-Green
    > $5M EBITDA 
  • Checkmark-Green
    Source Buyers
  • X-Red
    Financial Experts. Serve Everyone.
  • X-Red
    Complex Spreadsheets
  • X-Red
    Bland banker presentations


Starting at
$$$$$ +
in time & mistakes
  • X-Red
    High internal labour cost
  • X-Red
    18+ weeks
  • Checkmark-Green
    Deep understanding of your business
  • Checkmark-Green
    Knows buyers in your industry
  • X-Red
    No experience selling or raising capital
  • X-Red
    Un-organized for sale
  • X-Red
    Builds everything from scratch

Guides & Tips

Make smart decision faster. Access guides curated by Owners, Founders, and Private Equity experts.

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