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Don't waste time and money trying to hire a CFO you can't afford, bad consultants, or buying software tools you won't use.

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A full finance team can cost $300-$500K per year. We're 10x cheaper, produce better outputs, and offer more services.

eComm Operators

We've worked with 100's of eComm businesses. Our team is stacked with a battle tested diverse set of skills across multiple verticals.

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You'll have a dedicated CFO that knows your biz inside out. Best part is, they are backed up by a team of finance and eComm experts.


Never worry about in scope or not, available or not. Treat us like any exec in your business. Reach us on the channels you use, any time.
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Cashflow and Budget

Fast, accurate budget creation

Set your team on the right path with targets that fit your budget. Output helps you visualize three scenarios: average, good, and great .


Easily set and make edits to sales, expenses, and growth plans.


Understand how you compare against industry benchmarks.


Easily share with your team or investors.

Detailed and reliable forecasts

Output builds financial forecasts that make it easy to see how your business is trending.


Built in familiar easy to use formats - google sheets or excel.


Compare actuals + current forecasts against your budgets.


Collaborate and share with your team or shareholders.

how outputs deal room works.
Faster Decision making

Bring agility to your decision making abilities

Compare your actuals against budgets, see how forecasts are trending against targets and stay focused on the efforts that move the dial.


Easy to access and use spreadsheets.


Don't wonder, we ensure all the data is accurate and clean.


Hassle free, no broken links, or missing information. We make the process simple and painless.

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